NICSTECH was founded in 1995 and is now providing security solutions to over 1,500 customers of various fields such as public, financial institutions and enterprises. When NICSTECH was founded, IT Boom led to the age of innovation in Korea - many IT companies were established and destroyed every other day.

NICSTECH predicted the potential of information security from early on and started with providing security solutions to global enterprises, and in 2001 released its own solution called Safe PC Enterprise. From there NICSTECH has been releasing solutions on USB and mobile device and in 2015 released an agent-integrated security product called SafePC Enterprise 5.0, securing new, steady customers.

NICSTECH recently gained a title of No.1 market share in managing internal information, which was constructed upon know-how of 20 years in the field and accumulated technical skills. Now NICSTECH is expanding its field to network security and intelligence from endpoint security that it used to specialize, and is also trying to release new solutions and expand its market to overseas. We always appreciate attention we receive from our customers, and we promise not to settle in our current state but to challenge ourselves and move ahead.

Thank you.