Endpoint Security

No. 1 DLP Solution to prevent leaking of confidential information

SafePC Enterprise controls the user’s PC and network, printing and program operation and thus controls and manages PC security in center to prevent crucial data inside PC from leaking.

Key Features

Device control
- Controlling device driver–can control mobile phone (MTP, PTP),
    USB, WiFi, tethering and more
Network Control
- Personal firewall that regulates connection of IP/Port/Protocol
    and controls machines with abnormal traffic
- Access control to specific URL and logging to network with
- Control content upload and sending files
PC Security Policy
- Windows login password setup, complexity check/cycle mana-
    gement, screen saver, voluntary alteration of IP, control shared
- Block execution of specific program
- Responding to ransomware through Blocking process of
    abnormal behavior (optional)
Device Usage Approval Process
- Inside/outside periodical device usage approval process

Expected Effect

- Complying with information network laws, enforcement ordinance,
    cyber finance supervision regulation and network separation
Prevent Information Leakage
- Prevent leakage by inspiring user’s security sense through
    warnings and central management
Effective Security Inspection
- Effective security inspection and response to information leakage
    pathway and user using leakage control policy and logs
Dashboard Comprehensive Endpoint Management
- Using dashboard, which shows terminal
    degree of risk, to secure visibility

Block Diagram

Block Diagram


Various Device control
- Can set read/write policy in USB, external HDD, smartphone (MTP) and set allow/decline policy to wireless LAN, tethering, Bluetooth, etc.
Program Execution Control
- Can check SW information in PC where the agent is installed, and can control execution of programs that are not needed. Can register programs that were not found in SW information.
- Automatically block any abnormal processes that tries to access document files.
File Carrying Out Approval Process (Optional)
- If device control policy is applied, a file that is approved through carrying out approval process can be carried out as an exception, and when the file is carried out the user can set a password
    for the file.
Print Protection (Optional)
- It’s possible to apply accept/decline policy to printing, and can put watermark or information of the user. Also, can save image copy of the print in log.

Management Process

Management Process

Product Inquiry

Product Inquiry table
Endpoint Security Solution
(Safe series : Safe PC Enterprise, Safe USB+, Safe PRIVACY, Safe PROCESS, Safe NAC)