Endpoint Security

Privacy protection solution to strengthen security of endpoint sensitive information

SafePrivcay is a privacy protection solution that detects for sensitive information inside endpoint and registers and manages that file. It supplies encryption/deletion of sensitive information and cuts the leakage of the content.

Key Features

Content-Awareness & Central Control
- Detect sensitive data based on pattern and keyword set up
    by admin
Control Online, Storage and Print Leakage
- Block sensitive data leakage from webmail, archives room,
    message board and SNS
- Block saving of file containing sensitive data or requiring to
    log in when using USB
- Block sensitive data in prints and provide masking
File Carry Out Approval Process & Management Ledger
- Encryption of carry-out approved file that contains sensitive
    data and saving the original file in the server for future
    inspections and forensics
- Provide purpose of holding onto sensitive data
    file and law related to it
- Control holding period of sensitive data file

Expected Effect

- Personal Information Security safety measure standard
- Information network encouragement of use and Information
    security policy
- Filed of finance personal information protection guideline
Personal Information Protection Paradigm Switch-Over
- Reinforcement of sensitive data security ethics through real-
    time alarm of present condition of possession of sensitive
    data and leakage of files
Monitoring of Shift of sensitive data
- Providing visibility to users by showing the lifecycle of sensitive
    data and following possession-disposal-control through

Block Diagram

Block Diagram


File Management Register
- Detected sensitive data can be registered and set up to be used, and nonregistered or expired files can be automatically deleted/encrypted.
General/Sensitive data File Carry-Out Approval Path (Optional)
- When requesting file carryout, approval path can be separated according to file that will be carried out. When carrying out general files, one can get approval from preexisting authority, and
    when sensitive data is carried out, person in charge of sensitive data should approve it.
Complying With Personal Information Security Laws
- Provide security policy encryption to detected files containing sensitive data and approval process to file takeout. Approved files are treated as exception to device control and are
    allowed to carry out. Detected files are encrypted and then carried out.

Management Process

Management Process

Product Inquiry

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Endpoint Security Solution
(Safe series : Safe PC Enterprise, Safe USB+, Safe PRIVACY, Safe PROCESS, Safe NAC)