Endpoint Security

Anti-Ransomware Solution That Responds With Multi-layer Protection System Such as Blacklist, Whitelist and More

SafeProcess is an anti-ransomware solution that controls PC processes according to blacklist, whitelist and threshold analysis, and can block not only known ransomwares but also unkown ones.

Key Features

Blacklist-based Process Control
- Block ransomware based on blacklist
- Block malicious code disseminators, accessing C&C server,
Whitelist-based Process Control
- Control access of process files that didn’t get approval from
    whitelist-based process control
Threshold-based Process Control
- Threshold-based control through process analysis
- Block scripted ransomware and DLL injection ransomware
Protect MBR
(Master Boot Record)
- Through control of all process that tries to access MBR, block
    malicious movement toward MBR

Expected Effect

Protection of Critical
- Securing critical information by preventing ransomware infection
- Securing asset by blocking activation of malicious code and
Block Unknown Ransomware
- Block unknown ransomware using process behavior-based
    blocking method
- Complement vulnerability by using vaccine’s signature-based
    blocking method
- Manage use of illegal program inside company by looking up
    application information in recordings of process that tries to access

Block Diagram

Block Diagram


Convenient Policy Management
- Can set up policy by worker/department/individual and can freely adjust policy on allowed processes.
- Can use monitoring mode to minimize inconveniences in real work by trying securities before actual use.
Support on Block Process Request/Approval Procedure
- Provide convenience to users by providing request/approval procedure to admin about blocked processes in individual PC.
Apply Complementary Block Skill
- Apply various block techniques such as whitelist/threshold/decoy methods to prevent blind spot in security that may occur.
Cope With Both Known/Unknown Ransomware
- Can also block unknown ransomware by controlling all processes that tries to access the file.
- Provide more secure PC environment by supplementing vulnerability of signature-base block methods.
Minimize Use of PC Resource
- Designed to minimize agent’s use of resource so the user’s work won’t be affected.
- If the customer is using NICSTECH’s endpoint security solution, adding additional function is able through simple module upgrade.

Key Features Screenshot

Key Features Screenshot

Product Inquiry

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Endpoint Security Solution
(Safe series : Safe PC Enterprise, Safe USB+, Safe PRIVACY, Safe PROCESS, Safe NAC)