Endpoint Security

No.1 Secure USB Solution to Safe File Transfer

SafeUSB+ provides security function that encrypts data copied into USB and allows only permitted people to use. Also in the case of theft or loss of USB, this secure USB solution allows
safe protection of data.

Key Features

Data Encryption/
- Automatic encryption/decryption when saving data
- Double-encryption of files
Remote Wipe of Data When Lost
- When USB is stolen or lost, can remotely wipe data and
    block secure USB from operating
Control Leakage of Information and Internal/External Carryouts
- Set up use period of secure USB with internal registration
- Control access of secure USB that is not authorized
- Read, write and access control data inside secure USB that is
    approved to use externally
- Prevent external copy by using exclusive security explorer
Approval Process
- Secure USB/General Storage Usage Request Process
- Secure USB External Carry Out Process

Expected Effect

- Internal regulation of Financial Supervisory Service’s computation
- NIS secondary memory unit safety management policy
- Financial Services Commission secondary memory unit manage-
    ment solution
- Financial, public institution network separation guideline
Security Inspection
- Efficient administrative control of secondary memory unit by
    following NIS guideline and effective response to security inspection
- Provide asset lifecycle through register/management of secondary
    memory unit
Raise the User’s
Security Ethics
- Enlighten users about how imprudent use of
    secondary memory unit can be risky and realize voluntary
    internal control process of information leakage

Block Diagram

Block Diagram


Secure USB Internal/External Policy
- Secure USB is able to apply use-period, read, read/write policy internally and externally; internally, function to save original copy is provided and externally, fixing number of password attempts,
    prevention of external copy, and designation of allowed IP range is possible.
General Storage Registration Management
- Can register and use general storage when USB device control policy is applied. If general storing medium is registered, can decide whether to apply read or read/write policy.
File Device-Designated Carry-out (Optional)
- If file carry-out is approved, can decide which medium to use and can only use that device to carry files out. (PC security solution combined operation).

Management Process

Management Process

Product Inquiry

Product Inquiry table
Endpoint Security Solution
(Safe series : Safe PC Enterprise, Safe USB+, Safe PRIVACY, Safe PROCESS, Safe NAC)