Endpoint Security

First in Korea, Best Performance. Network Access Control Solution for Management of Internal Network

SafeNAC analyzes equipments that are accessing internal network and allows IP management. It also controls only authorized equipments and users to access network.

Key Features

Cable, wireless integrated authorization & terminal integrity inspection
- Provide 802.1x integrated authorization to PC and mobile terminals
- Integrity inspection and response to PC and mobile terminals
Various Monitoring
- Authorization, restricted users’ condition
- Condition of software installation in endpoint
- Use of IP per user
Network Access Control
- Control approved AP(SSID)
- Isolate node that has traffic that goes over threshold
- Detect and block traffics such as P2P
- Control permission to use network
    (IP, port, protocol, service, etc)
IP Management
- Provide IP application/approval/retrieval process
- Fixed function on IP and MAC

Expected Effect

- Financial Supervisory Service computation equipment inner
    regulation policy
- Privacy Protection Act internal access control policy
Protect intelligence assets
- Safe protection of IT intelligence asset through linkage with various
    3rd party security software
Guarantee Business Continuity
- Business continuity through minimization of network downtime
Improve ROI by effective security management
- Workload reduction of security management by securing real-time
    asset classification and control/management visibility

Block Diagram

Block Diagram


ACL(Access Control List)
- Can individually grant network permission/control policy to terminals.
- Can make logical network separation effect with ACL policy.
Security Policy Compliance Management
- Check terminal traffic control, Windows security policy compliance, installation of essential SW, and induce to install and apply device control policy if essential SW is not.
Management of DHCP server and IP
- Can assign IP through DHCP, and then fix that IP to assign to PC.
- Provide IP request/approval/retrieval function through IP management sensor.
Korea’s Best Endpoint Authentication Performance
- Provide stable authentication processing speed of 70,000.

Management Process

Management Process

Product Inquiry

Product Inquiry table
Endpoint Security Solution
(Safe series : Safe PC Enterprise, Safe USB+, Safe PRIVACY, Safe PROCESS, Safe NAC)