Security Intelligence

Smart, Intuitive Incident Response Platform that Integrates with Various SIEMs and Uses Automation

SOC PLUS is an incident response platform that helps increase efficiency of work and convenience by integration with various SIEMs, and shows fast response by standardizing security operation process and drawing quick analysis.

Key Features

Security Opera-
tion Process
- Handling business based on workflow and provide shared processing
- Custom-build processes according to environment, such as various
    setups of process operations
- Automation of work process
Manage Security Information
- Combined management of security information such as blacklist,
    detection policy
- Share information on major security function and propagation
Manage Template
- Provide template set-ups for notifications and input forms
- Automate report on Security Operations
- Monitoring various security information and business process condition
- Provide dashboard according to permission/authority

Expected Effect

Efficiency Increase in Safety Operation
- Increase in efficiency through standardization and systematization
Concentration in
- Concentrate in analysis/response and process repetitive works
    based on system
Enhancement in
Security Level
- Concentrate in analysis/response and process repetitive works
    based on system
Establish Security Knowledge DB
- Systemize security operation history and construct knowledge DB

Block Diagram

Block Diagram


- Enhance convenience in management through standardized operation
- Provide optimized environment to control service through verified UX
High Quality
- Can operate and construct in short period of time using solution build-up
- Provide stable solution through continuous update and maintenance
Flexible Application
- Apply flexibility to system through various setups in process, authority,
    notification function
- Customers can easily make template through provided edit
    function and template on information input form, notification, etc.

Construction Case

Construction Case

Product Inquiry

Product Inquiry table
Data Intelligence
(Plus series : SOC Plus, ADS Plus)