Security Intelligence

Anomaly Detection and Response Solution Utilizing Big Data and Machine Learning

ADS PLUS is an anomaly detection solution that collects user’s behaviors, network data, and security solution using big data and detects and responds to anomalies found by machine learning techniques.

Key Features

Data Collection Based on Big Data
- Collect log information of various security products and security
    information management system
- Real-time and periodically collection
- Collect with agent or agentless based
Detection Based on Scenario
- Discover anomalies through 4W1H-based scenario
- Detect dynamic threshold using statistic method about detection
Detection Based on Machine Learning
- Detect anomalies with machine learning techniques
Provide Various Analysis Functions
- UI-based convenient information search and query-based search
- Provide analysis method on internal information leakage such as
    relationships analysis, word cloud analysis, timeline analysis
Processing for Explanation
- Provide explanatory process for anomaly detection

Expected Effect

Detect and respond to internal information leakage
- Detection of internal information leakage using scenario and
    machine learning
Analysis on internal information distribution condition
- Analyze relationship between internal users, time line using various
    analysis UI
- Establish security policy through detailed analysis of the flow of
    internal information
Enhancement in security management condition
- Enhancement in information leakage management through
    anomaly detection and explanation process

Block Diagram

Block Diagram


Stand-alone Solution
- Provides independent solutions for big data-based collection, detection, analysis and explanation, doesn’t need extra SI development, and can apply easily and quickly.
- Provide stable, safe solution through continuous feature updates and maintanance.
Machine Learning
- Detect unknown anomalies using machine learning techniques.
Provide Various Analysis Tools
- Provide various analysis tool for big data-based search and internal information leakage analysis, and also provides high accessibility to found information..
Flexible Application
- Sort anomalies and provide high flexibility by providing suitbale explanation process for customer operating environments.

Example of Key Features

Example of Key Features

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